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Democratic Process

By | January 19, 2019

Democracy, process without term: Project Tedulo country Lopez Melndez has been gotten to define the democratic culture like the psychological direction towards social objectives. That is to say, the political culture is the internalization of the democracy and the direction towards the communal property. It is what the conformation of a democratic national character has […]

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Under The Same Sky

By | January 17, 2019

I ask myself if there would be a form to buy a piece of desert in Egypt for that people who shame to us; they would have to assign to them to the hardest works, declared the Secretary of State of Rumania, Adrin Cioroianu, in a state television to show its rejection the gypsy ethnic […]

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New Education

By | January 11, 2019

If the society happened through changes it was necessary that the school prepared the new modern man, to integrate itself to the new society who would have essentially to be democratic, taking to the renovadores educators consequently to include the process of modernization of the Brazilian society and, the necessity of new education and school. […]

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By | January 7, 2019

In the life we also carried out encounter and mix-ups. Constant form we know new people, nevertheless, are very few the stable contacts that remain from the childhood to the oldness. The love invites to perseverar as much in the scope of the friendship like in the one of a sentimental relation. In fact, if […]

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Andrew Corentt

By | January 4, 2019

When we are going to undertake a new idea, a project, always arises a series to us from doubts, I can obtain it? , I will do how it? , I do not have resources? From a conscious point of view this is normal and perhaps we begin to look for answers, but at spiritual […]

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By | December 24, 2018

Problems of this nature not only have a political or economic origin, but also they own diverse social and cultural causes. A form to explain the complexity which we are facing is to understand that our society is immersed in the call ” time posmoderna” , a stage that is characterized to distrust of the […]

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Company Investment

By | October 16, 2018

Sometimes we felt the necessity to reduce expenses in our company and for it we chose to do without certain services. The investment in publicity and marketing usually is one of the aspects that first usually we do without, even being one of most important in difficult times. In the days of crisis 4 of […]

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Concepts Popular Marketing

By | October 16, 2018

You do not have to be an expert in the field of the place that you choose: the experts say that you only must choose the niche in which you are expert. The Internet is so impersonal that it can show it like an expert without knowing that niche particular.The key is in which it […]

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European Continent

By | April 25, 2018

To use " burka" but with the face without the lid. It would have to give to reverse gear the French Executive, who presides over Nicholas Sarkozy, by to have established, and does a few days, the prohibition of burka" and niqab". All we know that the integration of the immigrants, and concretely the Muslims, […]

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Effects Of The Crisis

By | April 23, 2018

If the destruction of the twin towers produced the rise in popularity of Bush and the beginning of its global antiterrorist war, the collapse of Wall s$street threatens down bringing the divided governor republican. Bush today must do all the possible one to avoid to finish like the most unpopular president of the history of […]

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