The money launderers have returned to the attack this time supplanting to companies with good image, with the intention to catch alamas unwary that does the dirty work to them in exchange for breadcrumbs of money, coming from illicit activities, once in a while the money laundering visits my mailbox of electronic mail like the artists of the pyramidal business, it is necessary to be quite innocent to introduce itself in that type of networks where it always loses I complete that it enters is first that leaves harmed in case of fall of the network. In the network there is multitude of pages that promise great amounts of money in exchange for selling products of most improbable, I have always wondered myself how it is possible that this type of businesses proliferates as much by the network, as is possible that as much people turn upside down thus in subjects. Bitcoiin may help you with your research. There are products of rarest dietetic, power products, apparatuses so that your car consumes less gasoline, although what they proliferate more are the medical products, some even of illegal character like the anabolizantes Internet is a chaos where all type of salesmen has their showcase to sell their donkey, always I have wondered myself how there are so many possibilities of embaucar to people in the strangest tasks and than nobody it takes measures, who offer all type of products of most different, from the most recondite places and it is even offered to score at a raffle where the prize is the card of residence in the United States, playing with the illusions of much people who inhale to something more good He is peculiar that Internet is a disorderly bazaar where almost everything is there, until how to make a pump Nobody puts order in that type of illegalities is decided on the most radical solution, to show the bad side of the network and to prohibit everything what facilitates its implantation, because to have Internet in Spain is an expensive and slow luxury, where the boys of the general society of authors want to impose their law, that is to say a canon to be able to accede to the network. Internet is not bad, is to give a correct use him, in my case it use to promote what I write, since to find publisher in paper when no you are known is an odyssey. Internet serves to me to watch bank, del that I do not entrust myself absolutely, I promote what I make to occur to know, to my uses it neighbor to put its life in sequence sentimental in sequence, to him occurs that well him, I I am satisfied to leaving the ostracism Internet comes well for people with mobility reduced like a servant, is a way to arrive at all sides.