Under The Same Sky

I ask myself if there would be a form to buy a piece of desert in Egypt for that people who shame to us; they would have to assign to them to the hardest works, declared the Secretary of State of Rumania, Adrin Cioroianu, in a state television to show its rejection the gypsy ethnic group. The character arsonist of this intervention intensified the controversy provoked by a decree approved by the Italian Government, with whom it would be allowed to expel the citizens of the European Union (the EU) considered dangerous, in clear reference to the Rumanians settled down in Italy. The words of the minister attribute to the roman, a million and only average one minority of the 20 million inhabitants who reside in the country, the bad image that Rumania projects in the outside. The Italian politicians responded by means of this disposition to the cruel murder of a woman at the hands of a Rumanian immigrant of gypsy origin, that had the intention to rob the purse to him. The initiative devised by Walter Veltroni, present mayor of Rome and probable successor of Prodi in the presidency of the cabinet, has not left indifferent anybody. The retorts have not been made wait for from the countries and organisms implied in the conflict. Immediate it was the emergency meeting that took place in Rome between Rumanian prime minister, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, and its homologous Italian. After this encounter, in which one was to approach of way combines the crisis that has affected to the seated Rumanian community in Italy – more than half million people, the waters have returned to his channel in a river very shaken by the pre-electoral atmosphere in which the Italians live. Thus, after the warning of the European Commission of Justice, that considered that all expulsion of a citizen of a Member State of the European Union must be individual and appealable before justice, the Government headed by Neapolitan Giorgio has smoothed out his position and the expulsions will be precise.