Whatever it is dedicated to the optimization and promotion of Web sites knows that it is very difficult to generate traffic. Each user who visits our site is product of a series of arduous actions of diffusion of the site, that cost time and money to carry out. For that reason, once we obtained that the users arrive at our site, we must do everything what is in our power to avoid that they go away. A related site: Lawrence Ellison mentions similar findings. The concept is very clear and simple: to do the life to him easiest to the users and to optimize the navigation experience. How? We will see it next. To optimize the times of load. The patience is not an attribute that them on the users of Internet, customary to have the information at the moment in its screens. For this reason, we must review factors like hosting, that is of quality and that has good bandwidth, to support the flow of visits of the site.

Also it is necessary to work in the images of the site, to optimize them as far as format and size so that they are not too heavy. It does not agree to have button sellers of flash or java, and, in lines generals, whatever less scripts have themselves in the site, better. To make one home impressive. This does not mean that it must have excess of information. It must convince. The details, can be offered more ahead. In order to obtain that it hits positively, it in view, must be pleasant with harmonic colors and of simple reading. For this reason, it is necessary to use sources that allow a clear reading, and to take care of the resistance text-bottom.

To offer what it is promised. If the visitor enters by a sponsored connection that promises best fine wines, to incredible prices, because that is what must find. He is not interested in knowing the warehouses, how the wine is elaborated, or its complete catalogue. For this, pages is necessary to work landing, that is to say, the sites to which the visitor arrives after to puncture a sponsored connection or a publicity of our site. Landing pages also is front doors. It is first that sees the user, therefore have the difficult task of offering an attractiveness, of giving a supply and of presenting/displaying the best thing of the site, so that the visitor it wants to continue sailing in our page. To avoid the presentation pages at all costs: a great screen in target with an icon in means, Pinche to enter the site here. To avoid the safe directories, to less than than is necessary. That is to say, not to ask the visitors who logueen themselves to see a forum, a posteo or the catalogue of the site. Also, to reduce odious the Captcha, only to the situations that require really them.