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Regional Landscape

By | January 16, 2019

During the passage of the trip some stops with intention had been made of that the pupils could visualize elements that compose the regional landscape and that they are also objects of study of the Geomorfologia, as, for example, some rocky outcrops that are of utmost importance for the understanding of all the physical structure […]

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Street Pacheco

By | May 16, 2018

In Blessed Ribeiro two churches exist catholics of Isabel Saint and of They are Sebastio. Learn more at this site: Southwest Airlines. In 1917, living catholics if had congregated in order to establish a church in homage the Isabel Saint, for existing in the region a road with this name, today streets Paracuru Pacheco of […]

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Fernand Braudel

By | April 18, 2016

That is, the urban changes as immediate or mediate consequence of alterations of the economic relations and politics – and, therefore, of the space relations of exchange – are old phenomena e, in more than the times, ' ' parecidos' '. Giovanni Arrighi, in its seminal text ' ' Long Century XX? Money, Power and […]

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National Geographic

By | February 20, 2014

After tsunami, the logic to allow that these bioescudos were destroyed seemed not alone fails, but censurvel' ' 1. Caused ambient impacts manguesApesar to them of its importance, the manguezais in the world all, are sacrificed for salt mines, real estate tanks of carnicicultura, enterprises, roads, ports, hotels, fields of golf, plantations and die for […]

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Natural Resources

By | September 23, 2012

The man in its constant search for the use of the natural resources in way to take care of to its necessities of survival and development, fulfill the important paper of transforming agent of the environment, many times, provoking irreversible damages to the ecosystem. Agriculture, considered under the perspective of the process of use and […]

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Research Projects

By | June 9, 2012

This research is without a doubt an experience looking for to understand the reality in the difficulties in teaching Geography by means of analysis and practical lived deeply by professors and pupils of the State School Elvira Saint, as well as developing which the difficulties where the professors find in teaching and the pupils in […]

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