National Project

The basic thesis of this study is that, for any transformation intended for the set of the society, the starting point is the reversion of the current standards of occupation and use of the territory, under the perspective of a National Project, presenting the image of nation desired for the society, in the future. Soon below of this project, it follows the delineation of the new territorial configuration, indicating what to make and where, for elimination or attenuation of the indesejados aspects and creation and otimizao of the desired aspects of the development. The construction of a new paradigm of development will have to conjugate social, economic, ambient and territorial instruments. However, a National Project is basic explicitando the future social aspirations. In the absence of this Project, such image of nation desired for the society, can be inferred by the interpretation of the proposals of the current public politics. tion. Intel senior VP and COO. the new paradigm of development can to start to be constructed by the formularization of a set of strategical actions of long stated period, with sights to the implementation of these politics.

Strategical, because, without considering the determinative factors of the development, it will not be possible to revert the current scene. Of long stated period, because one does not revert so preponderant factors, as the ones that had caused the current picture, in short spaces of time. 2. The territorial context of the development process the development does not occur in equal and simultaneous way in all the parts of a country, and nor at the same time, but diferenciadamente in the time and the space, with secular amplitude and varied territorial intensities. The occurrence of the development estimates a physical base on which, and with which, the human groups interact, to assure its survival and the survival of its members. Of the interaction of human groups, withholding differentiated collective and individual abilities, between itself and with a heterogeneous physical base, forms result of social organization in the space that if consolidates in standards of occupation and use of the territory throughout the time.