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These terms had been placed even in the Law of Lines of direction of Bases of the Education of Brazil, for a neoliberal government. Unhappyly, or happily, the neoliberalismo arrived at its end in the United States, again, where liberalism also was findou in 1929, in the Stock exchange in addition of New Iorque.Talvez it is early for emitting the official death of capitalist version, but is only one question of time. . Economic liberalism, considered for Adam Smith, considered the freedom so that the economy if developed. The Neoliberalismo came with the intention to create the free market, where a product could freely circulate for the planet Land. It had advances, but nor as much. As much liberalism how much the auto-destruiram neoliberalismo if when searching indiscriminately maximizing of the profits.

State national, that all the didactic and paradidticos books of Brazil, for example, bring that it was each lesser time, were convoked immediately to stanch the crisis of subprime that it spread quickly, of the form as the neoliberalismo liked, for all the international system. Hard and vultuosos economic packages in the Europe and United States and reactions of all the governments of the planet front the neoliberal crisis, or amea of bankruptcies, unemployment, new bankruptcies and a cycle of destruction, not more than the neoliberal version, but of the proper capitalism, what in the generality he is pssimo. The neoliberalismo proved in its time that a company of cacife of the Valley of the River Candy, the mineradora greater of the world at the time, would have to pass for the privatization to function better and that the Citybankera a management example. Geography, proved the opposite, therefore, today, City, valley one tero of the Brazilian Ita and intends to fire 50,000 people who had believed the efficiency, the management, in the neoliberalismo, had dedicated much time in the study to work Ahead in these great fantasiosas corporations of this scene, where the practical ones of the Keynesianismo, that is the state intervention is clamada by the neoliberal entrepreneurs, in the same way as this occurred 1929 after, already he is not strange to proclaim that exactly minimum the State won the version neoliberal and that from now, State, entrepreneurs and workers can yes develop all the potentialities, of all, to profit very, why not? , but that exists common-sense of that the development must all be for one and grupeto does not stop one muitssimo select to dictate orders for the planet. It is not destroying and sucateando, implicitly and explicit, the systems of education, health, providence, public security, as it made the neoliberalismo that the society will go to develop. After all, of that it advances to gain as much money, to place everything in the bank and mesmoemprestar for who cannot pay, for msera greed to try to gain a little more, as occurred in the United States and to break, taking to the collapse practically all the economies of the world? If this money had been used rationally in economy and in society, as it is in Brazilian social programs that stimulate the domestic market, nothing of this would have occurred.