Regional Landscape

During the passage of the trip some stops with intention had been made of that the pupils could visualize elements that compose the regional landscape and that they are also objects of study of the Geomorfologia, as, for example, some rocky outcrops that are of utmost importance for the understanding of all the physical structure of the environment where if point out, had been made diverse analyze on the mineral components gifts in each rock and its forms of organization, also the geologic period where they had been originated; of great importance for the geographic knowledge they had been to the consideraes made for the professor on the biogeogrficos elements of the place. Continue to learn more with: Southwest Airlines. Also during the way of the trip it was possible to perceive how much harmful it has been the ways for which the man has searched to develop its agriculture, through the extensive forests of eucalipto that they take account of the landscape in the place of the vegetal covering of the native flora. The explanations of professor Ronaldo Belm had allowed in them to understand how the relief influences in the choice of the open pasture, the chapadas ones and that region for this type of monoculture, that is so harmful to environment in the devastao of biomas, the interference that produces in the hidrogrfico cycle, and, over all in the quality of the empobrecidos ground that if become each day. According to explanation of the professor is exactly gemorfolgica question one of the main factors in the choice of the area since it is a plain place that will not offer to difficulties for machines and tractors used in the production of the cultures of eucaliptos and bolts. Project of development that the administrators politicians and same some ambient agencies many of the times opt to not taking measured by ambient protection certainly for the fact to live in a country that culturally places the nature of where it takes off all its wealth as it impedes to the development of the country.