Peruvian State

between pepsi and coca cola or Isaac tail with inca cola, which you are looking for with these campaigns is that occupies most of the chosen market and thus have higher profits, since companies that do not make use of these campaigns do not have much involvement in the market. By which we expect quite a few people to study marketing, which will serve to tell with professionals who can design them and in this way improve the economy of the Peruvian State. 48 Corporate law and accounting in the corporate law must take into account the accounting since large companies must have accounting department who works in time completely within the company, so it is not conceived to a company of this type without it, however, currently are being held modern contracts, which should bring it up the management contract, which is to hire another company to manage the company, whose services might be included the accounts of the company, however, these themes reach poor development in Peruvian law, but we hope that in the not too distant future held these contracts in the same, which will serve to reduce costs of administration and of this way to make companies more efficient to add something of economic analysis of law. 49. Corporate law and analysis economic of economic analysis of law law involves applying postulates economic law, which seeks to exit later in a context of scarce resources, by which the corporate law this should seek to increase or to increase profits at the lowest possible cost and thus find large companies become efficient and are constantly in the market. However, be taken into account that observe good corporate governance and corporate social responsibility, this being a class or variety of corporate social responsibility. I.e. many people think that utilities should be taken either way, so it does not take into account that third parties have rights should be followed which even by entrepreneurs, managers and workers, which has been warned in the doctrine newborn for some years, because before these issues were unknown and get almost in the authorized form to third parties with respect to the company.