Guide Metropolis

Mr. Martin is a place of cult and meeting for the lovers of the fish and the gastronomy. In each of our premises we approached the world that surrounds to the fish, adds to Javier Rodriguez Tur. Thus the things the premises of Mr. Martin will offer to its clients an attractive space in which: To buy products of fish market different, fresh and exquisite to take to house and coming from the best markets. Also it will have fished ready to take (for the people to that the fish enchants to them and they do not have time to cook it) as well as an exceptional product showcase with hardly visible pieces like a mere one of 30 kg, a swordfish of almost 100 kg or unit of mussel of Bouchot, Gillardeau oyster ). In addition there will be products cooled like smoked and salt meats Zone of tasting and grill in which to sit down to delight and to eat all that sort through plates, rations or menus of season cooked at the moment by the best professionals To attend classes of kitchen, or practical demonstrations as for example of fish to the cut, preparation of sushi Island with gastronomical products with which to accompany to the fish (salts, oils or wines) as well as books or prescriptions by kitchen.

Service of cook in house so that their clients can organize with their friendly an event with which to learn to create plates, and to pass a full evening of sensations with the comfort to do it in its own house. chef will move to the home of our clients to prepare fish plates in situ or to teach to the guests to cook them, stresses Rodriguez Tur. Initial investment: 1.500 /m2 Right of entrance: 20.000 Royalty de Explotacin: There is no Royalty de Marketing: 3% Dimensions of the premises: From 100 m2, nonnecessary exit of smoke Finally to indicate that Mr. Martin is guaranteed by important awards as Prize Innovates to the best commerce of the Community of Madrid, Prize AECOC to the most innovating fish market of Spain and Mention of Honor of the prestigious Guide Metropolis to the best gastronomical store of Madrid.