As a result, "oven" bloat, and the fire is extinguished, (the body grows old and dies.) The balance of oxidation and reduction processes in the body is fundamental to life. Imbalance of regulatory mechanisms of redox processes in the human body under the influence of various external factors, is considered by scientists as major (!) cause of many human diseases. One of the most important factors regulating the parameters of redox reactions that occur in any liquid medium, is the activity electrons, or otherwise, oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) of this medium. AFP internal environment of the human body in an average of minus 70 millivolts (mV), ie the internal environment of the human body are in reduced state. ORP standard for drinking water (tap water, bottled water, etc.) is almost always greater than zero and generally in the range from +200 to +400 mV. These differences AFP internal environment Rights and drinking water means that the activity of electrons in the internal environment of the human body is much higher than the activity of electrons in the drinking water. Remember this, we will get back to it. During the life of man exposed to various harmful environmental factors – poor environment, poor and often poor-quality food, the use of unsafe drinking water, stress, smoking, abuse alcohol, and more. All these factors contribute to the destruction of a redox regulation system of the body, resulting in oxidation processes begin to dominate over the processes of recovery defenses and the function of vital organs begin to weaken, and as a result of the human body wears out, the man begins to ache more often.