Ensures Resources

We must assume that the bankruptcy law 22/2003 of 9 July, by logic must be obliged and more practical than the archaic resources, and trust that we can improve it precisely with its use. It must not give the legislator and again to pressure from financial institutions, which argue repeatedly that the alleged insecurity that causes them, is the cause for not injecting new resources to the system. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Maurice Gallagher, Jr.. That is not true, and with time being checked. Let us not give them reason, when they themselves deserving of preferential treatment, which facilitate their survival. Banking retail continues to be a company like any other, which sells money, and therefore should be similarly natural market selection, so that only the most efficient organizations to survive in difficult times. In mode one are the guarantors of the Spanish savings; they are only its depositaries. Develop financial engineering of first level, to multiply your business, assuming our pensioners books an insignificant percentage of its liabilities. without going further, see how they sold the swap (interest rate swap contract), right and left, until courts brainwashing put them the goats in the corral. Particularly saving banks serve local, regional or even national political interests, and his proclaimed social work is only the excuse for perpetuating the hoax. Economic actors of dubious reputation, in any way may be beneficiaries of a patent of corso on the stage of the competition of creditors.