Insurance Consultant

The profession of insurance consultant is a legal advisory profession the profession of a VersicherungsBeraters is not widely represented in Germany and therefore still very unknown! The very vast majority of the VersicherungsVertreter and brokers make up. As the profession of VersicherungsBeraters is still largely unknown an VersicherungsBerater is confused with a VersicherungsVermittler. But the differences are very clear. A VersicherungsVermittler is a seller and approved according to 34 d of the GewO. This authorisation is only since the EU facilitator guidelines by May 2007.

Just who owns such a permit according to 34 d of the Gewerbeordnung (GewO) by the local Chamber of Commerce can sell insurance. The sale of an insurance company is also consulting called. Target is always a degree to get subsequent commissions, which can be very high depending on the conclusion of the contract and Division. The profession of VersicherungsBeraters, however, is a legal advisory profession. Insurance advice is legal advice. The approval of an insurance consultant was issued to the May, 2007 by the official or court pursuant to section 1 of the old legal advice law. Insurance advisors need to able to demonstrate a high level of expertise, in the legal field, need their own professional liability insurance and must meet other criteria. Since May 2007 special permission because the EU is granted also however of the Gewerbeordnung agent policies by the local Chamber of Commerce, according to 34.

The new regulation complies with applicable so far for insurance consultants old legal advice Act basically. Insurance advisors are still comparable lawyer professions with the relating to extrajudicial. VersicherungsBerater advise and support self-employed, companies, individuals and Government needs and person-oriented about all forms of insurance. In addition to the advice in all matters relating to insurance, they represented their clients in case of damage, disputes over the respective insurer, payment difficulties, and much more.