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Ensures Resources

By | March 15, 2018

We must assume that the bankruptcy law 22/2003 of 9 July, by logic must be obliged and more practical than the archaic resources, and trust that we can improve it precisely with its use. It must not give the legislator and again to pressure from financial institutions, which argue repeatedly that the alleged insecurity that […]

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Like Avoiding Risks In The Sale

By | July 15, 2014

We can say that the professional sale has three fundamental questions. a) Yield; b) Quality; c) Productivity. As it will be able to be noticed, the yield is associate to the productive process, that is to say, the correct decisions in terms of cost or of purchase and to the capacity to reduce to costs […]

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Government Site

By | June 5, 2013

More and more people begin to discover and appreciate the power of the Internet, traditional methods of advertising lost its importance. Although electronic advertising is undergoing a little for a hard moment, it is a moment of rationalization, and will soon rebound. Customers are becoming more expert in the network and advertisers are finally awakening […]

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