Health Insurance Coverage Customary

Beneficiaries can breathe a divorce brings many changes in life with them. As the Oberlandesgericht Hamm now decided, a gradation of the usual health insurance not part of the changes, which must be taken into account. The private insurance Portal informs about the consequences this decision has. In the case of negotiated, an official refused to increase support for his ex-wife, to cover the increased cost of health insurance after the increase in premium. He insisted on the contracted health care costs.

After the divorce, the wife had the opportunity in a statutory health insurance change, nor the usual aid claim for members of an official. For a normal rate of private health insurance maintenance no longer sufficient after the increase in premium. A change in a lower rate of basic protection however had a lower level of supply entail. According to the judgment of the Court was however the need for prevention and Pension entitlement during the marriage significantly. The agreed amount was based on the basic rate and must one be adapted whenever a post boost according to. Even after the divorce, the dependent partner entitled to the usual health insurance protection.

One in the comparison (comparison /) to the situation during the marriage in decreasing the volume through a gradation must not be tolerated. The debtor partner must pay for a possible gap through higher health insurance costs.