The Baby

Naturally the store hat we are shooting, otherwise the head is hot. The cut is very interesting, but what to do and how it will behave after cleaning, as will behave white faux fur? Tested, and -30, anything under the cap is not worn, the baby was warm and cozy. It was all very happy that we now have the opportunity to test the caps' Filippok ', will continue to wear and not a season for that and very grateful to the manufacturer' Filippok 'and organizers' this pleasure '. On a model of "Umka": hat is very beautiful, with fur "coated" with double fur ears and fur as "nalobnikom." Hat is very warm, windproof, perfectly covers his ears and forehead, nape gum – cap tightly adjacent to the neck, dual ears let you adjust volume, and if the tie with the main strings, the additional insulated ears of the child. The design of our unisex hats, suits and a girl and a boy (which is great for me plus), light gray color is also perfect and my kids and their costumes. Cap is calculated at a temperature of -8 and below, we walked at -25 with the wind for 20 minutes, cold hands and face, his head is not frozen, and not blown. Wear a hat without a hood, What's daughter very happy and at peace with my mother! At -5 child says that hot, but at the same time does not sweat, apparently, the hat keeps the internal temperature.

A model "Karina": hat is very hot, the weather of minus 15 and below that on the one hand, well, because usually sell either too light for a warm winter hat in the cold and have to wear a hood or a thick and hotter. The same cap with its small thickness and lightness was very warm. Style not strongly and children, for 8 years very well, because at this age want to wear is more mature model.