Shops And Markets In Berlin

Berlin – a city with an amazingly strange destiny. Perhaps nowhere in Europe, recent history has left such visible and heavy tracks. It ended World War ii, there was held the line of demarcation the Cold War. Facades in the German Democratic Republic were not restored, so the walls were covered with dense smallpox bullet and shrapnel marks. Today wound is getting smaller, as for several years the city has carefully washed and rebuilt.

But in some places you can still stumble on the damaged facade of dark brick and present, in which the window sat a stubborn machine gunner. West Berlin after the division was in the ring in Eastern Europe. At the time, Berlin was a military town, and young Berliners rid of conscription. Here were going for cheap, here looking for fun adventure and mowed down by the army. Despite the communist threat, the youth continued to populated in Berlin. In order to attract Germans to West Berlin, the city had adopted a very liberal tax laws.

This legislation will allow institutions to trade with no extra charge at night, so why in Berlin so developed nightlife. After the Wall fell in 1989, Berlin once again became a city in which the war ended. Now Eastern Europeans could get to stores paradise of the West in the East ', a curious' capitalists' – look at the communist paradise. There was terrible confusion. People understood that they were members of the historical process and surprised by what is happening in crowds walked through the streets, make new friends and romances, started a new business. After a while the situation is even more confusing: in East Berlin began restitution. At this time, during the terrible chaos opens up many new illegal clubs and bars in the East looking for new places moved a big international crowd. But unfortunately all good things must come to an end. In October 1990, the combined Berlin was declared the new German capital. Illegal bars have closed, abandoned their homes to find a decent host, party-goers settled down, settled in Berlin and left for adventures in other places. Nevertheless, the expected happiness of the union did not deliver.