New E-book shows how companies reflect their identity in architecture. More and more companies are trying today to plan their architecture in accordance with their identity and design. This trend, which examined the communication scientist Daniela Hahn in her master’s thesis at the University of Vienna, and now published as an E-book called “Corporate Architecture”….

The Chambers

Ecology of Earth, water, air and fire: the brick is a natural product that gives off gases, fibers or dust during the use phase. Allergy-free can breathe in a brick house. The entire life cycle of a brick is ecological, from the extraction of raw materials which are clay pits recultivated after the removal to…

Managing Director

New procedures and calculation methods allow new architectural masterpieces. Is the construction products increasingly of a value placed on: an environmental product Declaration (tdx) sustainable building is regarded in the industry as the concept of the future. Short EPD environmental product declarations form the data basis for the ecological and sustainable assessment of a building….

Next Construction Project provides you with a comprehensive overview of editorial texts related to the theme home, construction and housing, utilities and documents. To strengthen the private audience, the bau-docu has promptly reacted and now presents a new Department which catered with a fresh presentation, as well as increasingly functions to the repeated visit. See the Web…

Digades GmbH Manufacturing

The electronics manufacturer digades will initiate the planned expansion with the construction of a new manufacturing centre to the site of Zittau. To know more about this subject visit Verizon. Zittau, 10.04.2013 – this year the electronics manufacturer will initiate digades the planned expansion with the construction of a new manufacturing centre to the site…

The Asbestos

For this reason, the theme of dangerous substances is”a component in dealing with parts of the system should not be underestimated. Individual production stations with solvent, acid, Lye is exploring to coolant or soot load expensive to clean and then safely be disposed of. For even more details, read what Ripple says on the issue….

Achieve Focus

The approach is what gives direction to ideas for loran proyectos1.-something extraordinary: focus all your abtencion on something important, locate highest value activities, which produce extraordinary results that are in tune with their values, skills and preferences in you. Check out Larry Ellison for additional information. It must be something directly related to their work….

Jurgen Bullesbach

The restaurant in the connecting building between the Zoo demolished Palace and the Bikinihaus, to make room for that to the external staircase leading to roof landscape. The Opening of the overall area is planned for the end of 2012. The extremely sensitive and sustainable reconstruction of the ensemble was in March 2011 with a…

Deposit Funds Deal High Amounts

By comparing well-known construction companies save time and money during the construction of your House. How to find the appropriate, affordable, and reliable provider of house construction in your area. A move to a new apartment is often associated with stress. You must organize the move which takes not only time consuming, but also deep…