Next Construction Project provides you with a comprehensive overview of editorial texts related to the theme home, construction and housing, utilities and documents. To strengthen the private audience, the bau-docu has promptly reacted and now presents a new Department which catered with a fresh presentation, as well as increasingly functions to the repeated visit. See the Web site: Www. or also at our known address present now interesting editorial topics, instructions for the DIY, as well as tips for tenants, which will be continuously expanded. Whether on topics such as sustainability, solar energy, setting up questions or furniture Polish, the variety of information is broad. Special attention is paid to the new features: a funding information, an online room Planner, as well as an independent insurance comparison. Not only the construction or purchase of Immmobilien will be rewarded financially by the State, but also the renovate, expand and rebuild stocks. Get more background information with materials from baby clothes. Austria is funding country.

Hardly a country promotes energy-efficient construction and the use of renewable energy in this width – two of three communities pronounce promotions! Through the newly created funding database of the bau-docu Austria are always up to date and can be a current, non-binding and free overview of entire promotion offer. To retrieve your individual funding information, simply call the corresponding questionnaire. You will receive direct and online after filling out the compilation of programmes coming into question for you. Ideal for the Home Builder you put forget tedious drawing with pen and paper, continuous new, ausraddieren and discard: with the online room planner which bau-docu Austria have 24 hours a day, 365 days a year full and unrestricted access to all the tools, your dream space perfectly to set. No cost: clear advantage what otherwise only through expensive and hard-working programs was possible, has the bau-docu now reduced for them on the main functions, without sacrificing the quality einzubussen. Test the room Planner today and see for yourself. With a few clicks to the dream house if you like our service and they their rooms another time in calm are planning would continue, nothing in the way is this: with a short – course free – registration to capture your username and password – you can in the future via the login function to invoke your plans and continue to edit. Of course, you can call your plans from anywhere about the room Planner: it was at home during the planning phase, for the idea gift at the Office with colleagues, relatives or the craftsman. Directly coupled added value to your plans a useful implement can you print these free in connecting, send by email or from our artisan directory with 28,000 entries is a institution in your vicinity Select and send those the plan for the purpose of an offer.