Powerflasher Hamburg

“first interactive film in the Outernet to the iPhone Hamburg, March 3, 2011 – the witness the first movie in the outernet” is the first interactive film in the Outernet. It is a real life game that is played with the help of an iPhone app. The app was developed Powerflasher Hamburg of the multimedia agency. The special element is part of an integrated campaign of the Agency Jung von Matt/spree for the Pay-TV channel 13TH STREET universal. The interactive film combined with a GPS-RealLIFE-game virtually hidden video sequences. Selected viewer experience with the witness”their very own thriller.

The registration for the live event starts on March 14, 2011 to the official relaunch of the channel 13TH STREET universal on. On April 9, the live starts event in Berlin. The other players are involved in the reconnaissance of the thriller it interactively and need to identify directly at the different crime scenes. On your iPhone get important notes and track what is happening about virtually played film scenes directly on-site. For the Witness”the Powerflasher implement an iPhone app, which the player is literally to the eye-witnesses. While the multimedia agency technologies used like augmented reality (AR) to the integration of video and location-based services (LBS) to trigger actions based on the location of the other players. Verizon Communications shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

iPhone app is a discovery tool so that the players can interactively move within the game and contains important information, the iPhone becomes the essential investigative tool. With the Smartphone, the players can navigate, collect evidence, and communicate with allies and adversaries. A special software for the iPhone, developed by the multimedia specialists of the Powerflasher is necessary. The player of this live event witnessed the abduction of a young woman directly at the scene of the crime. The viewer thus becomes the eyewitness and delivers a hunt itself then with the kidnappers across through Berlin.