Szczesny – Art Project

Nightshade in the Adremahaus & factory showroom of heritage Gotzkowskybrucke, right on the river Spree, between Charlottenburg and ALT-Moabit located on, the Adremahaus. The name of the building goes back to the company Adrema, world-famous addressing machines manufactured in the 1920s. It is not something baby clothes would like to discuss. Today, the fully restored building is one of the hottest capital addresses of the media industry, including Martin Hoffmann (CEO of independent content production company MME MOVIEMENT AG), the production company of TV21 Sabine Christiansen and David Groenewold (CEO of Odeon film AG). More creative from film, music, fashion and lofts on the Spree have related media world here, and with the Adrema hotel is also one of the most beautiful and most frequented Berlin designers hotels factory ensemble. Amidst this creative pool maintains the as the protagonist of the young savages”internationally known become artist Stefan Szczesny a spacious studio with a showroom.

The factory is at the same time archive, collecting society, focal point for galleries, museums, Journalists and collectors. Under the direction of Marc Junghans, the factory showroom documented exhibitions, work and current projects by Stefan Szczesny. In a shared evening of different tenants and on the occasion of the art Forum”the factory event opens on 1 November for a night shadow” for invited guests. Steel sculptures and paintings from new productions this connect the different areas of the House. The factory can be visited to this exclusive event from Monday to Friday from 9 am 6 pm and by previous agreement.