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Open in nhl jerseys wholesale South Lake water source electric nhl jerseys programs and simulation analysis water source electric, warmth electric industry Abstract: South China region wealthy in surface water, that is wealthy in low warmth, for the making of surface water source electric system. In 2004, Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, the making of the town core lake within the experimental utilization of open-source electric air conditioning wholesale nhl jerseys system. The making of the machine temperature of water prior to the run – time distribution from the simulation. Because the daily operation from the system in to the lake temperature of water monitoring, around the lake water source electric and air source warmth pump s energy-efficiency ratio were examined. Test results reveal that the river water source electric EER and running stability are superior to air-cooled electric. Key phrases: Open lake water source electric application simulation 1 Introduction Economical eco-friendly ground source electric technology increasingly more attention. In compliance using the provisions from the standard terminology ASHRAEhandbook 1, ground source electric, including electric, water electric and ground source source source ground electric SurfaceWaterHeatPump (SWHP). Ground source electric ground water source electric in China and have a few of the more effective programs, however the surface water source electric research and application continues to be relatively small.

In china, surface water-wealthy south, you will find a lot of rivers and ponds. Yangtze River, Gem River Delta and southeast seaside regions of surface water total amount of surface water in the united states the proportion from the nearly 70% 2. In comparison using the air temperature, southern 2 m underneath the water surface temperature of water transformed little throughout your day, water source electric is a perfect warmth low. Xiangtan towns come with an section of artificial 56000m2 lake, since 2003, the Center region and will also be progressively included in municipal structures, municipal structures, tv and radio center and also the Grand Theatre.