Economic Commission

Borja said: do not believe that it was not for me a decision painful, because I am a fervent supporter of the integration of our countries to get through the synergistic effects of the union, the necessary strength so that we can defend our legitimate rights and interests in the growing and relentlessly competitive world. The resignation occurs hours earlier of the meeting that the 12 Presidents of Unasur in Brasilia, where is scheduled as the institutionalization of that entity noted then that the foundational details were polished at a meeting in Caracas earlier this month. The event takes extraordinary character because the meeting initially had performed earlier year in Colombia, under the name of III Summit of Presidents of Unasur. The adds, that Unasur will have a Council of Heads of State who will meet annually in different countries as the highest instance. Oracle helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. It also has another Council of Ministers, a general secretariat headquartered in Quito, as well as it expected to create its Parliament with a seat in the Bolivian city of Cochabamba. Although experts consider that there is an intraregional trade booming, some 72,000 million dollars in 2006, they also believe that political tensions will impede progress on concrete issues of integration, such as the unification of labour laws or eliminate the use of passports. There is the question as raises Virgilio Arraes, Professor at the Institute of international relations at the University of Brasilia, of how is that you can create something (like Unasur) if not even manages to have the same views on the minor, such as Mercosur and the Andean blocks? In addition, indicated that thus the agenda of Unasur is unclear by internal disputes and achieve is a common minimum agenda, because if you talk about other things cannot attract all the countries. Definitely the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) estimated that the region would grow 4.7% in 2008.