Baroque Music

We offer programming of the night cycle in the gardens of the Alcazar for next week, from Monday 6 to Sunday, August 12, 2012. In it you can find concerts of the cycle other music and Flamenco, among others. The Real Alcazar is located in the Centre of the city, perfectly connected with Mount Carmel and Monte Triana hotels, our hotels in Seville.Baroque music for the night on Thursday in the Alcazar entries can be purchased one week in advance, with a maximum limit of 7 per person and day of concert. It is not allowed access to under 8 years of age. Get all the facts and insights with Larry Ellison, another great source of information. The price of the tickets is from 4 euros at the box office and $ 5 if purchased by telephone or internet. All concerts begin at 22.30 hours, being from the 21.00 and up to 22.25 hours access to the place. PROGRAMMING from Monday 6 to Sunday, August 12, 2012. Monday, August 6 cycle musics of the world Andalusian and Mediterranean RIFAK Al – Andalus, place of meeting Tuesday, August 7 Other music America, the utopia of a new world ANTONIO SERRANO cycle + FEEDERICO LECHNER homage to George Gershwin Wednesday, August 8th cycle other musics Andalusian and Mediterranean VOSS & VAN DER SMAN mosaic of Andalusian music Thursday, August 9 cycle music old Las musics of the Empire LA RITIRATA JOSETXU OBREGoN Il Spiritillo Brando (music of the Baroque in the Kingdom of Naples, Spain and America) Friday, August 10 cycle music classic 150 anniversary of the birth of Debussy JUAN round + AUXILIADORA GIL Impressionism in music Saturday August 11 cycle Flamenco Andalucia and the Mediterranean VICENTE GELO flamingos in the night Sunday, August 12 cycle other music America, the utopia of a new world O SISTER! From Dixie to Swing.