Venezuela Markets

To the SMEs need much in developing they the culture of the commerce, has little culture of retailer, which does not allow us to have a good north for this type of activity, we must develop plus the creativity, the effectiveness, the commercial interchange thus to obtain the internationalization of our economy. Weak system of electronic commercialization, because deficiencies in a strategic planning for the training and opinions of advanced training courses on the part of the companies exist, little interest in developing, enabling, its human resource? Lack of an investigating management of new markets, abierta to new panoramas, with desire to become qualified and to update themselves at a quality level for the product development excellent. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Southwest Airlines. Due to the characteristics of the SMEs and their climate organizational, a serious interest in engaging professionals does not exist who can dominate other languages with the intention search of other international markets. On the other hand, the smaller doubt does not fit, than the Venezuelan political climate has become a threat for the implementation of its policies of foreign trade, because many contradictions between the government and the private sector exist. The continuous confrontations between private sector and government do not allow to manage to obtain important agreements between both sectors so that the country can achieve its objectives, on the one hand many industralists do not have the capacity to be innovating, creative and they either do not manage to decipher to the opportunities of investment in Venezuela with a true vision and mission, and on the other hand the government continues having institutions with excess of bureaucracy and their faults in incentives to the private sector and in the end the affected ones are the SMEs. Check with Ron to learn more.

What is suggested to realise on the matter to know to take the opportunities that have been abierto? , Between some : 1. To manage to decipher of correct way the opportunities of investment in country under the present government? 2. To look for viable alternatives stops to diminish a little the impact of the policies imposed by the present government such as the exchange control and of currencies, present regulation and norms in the country destiny. 3. An excellent policy of trade that allows the consumer to direccionar the demand so that this is not distorted by some industralists.

4. To focus all the efforts in the search of true a human talent that he is able to respond before uncertainty situations and knows to include/understand the Venezuelan cultural reality like the one of other countries. 5. The State must, offer major support to the Venezuelan companies so that these can apply tools help that them to be more competitive before the international markets like for example: application of Thinkertoys, Topgradings, or Downsizings to mention some. Source: Notes of virtual classroom, Chair Trade International, program Masters in Administration, mention markets, Phases, UC.