RateTiger Launches Partner Program For Hotel Booking Portals

Technology provider eRevMax improves the interaction between online travel intermediaries and users of the RateTiger channel management systems London 5 May 2010: eRevMax international, provider of RateTiger, offers a partner program now, their relationships to expand with the online travel agents to hotels. A closer collaboration with hotelier by the channel-management systems by RateTiger is now possible for Internet booking portals and online travel agencies. Additional services available are travel agents participating in the affiliate program. With the help of the new program, hotels have access to contract management, marketing measures and training programmes. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Maurice Gallagher, Jr. on most websites. The new services simplify matters of their full online sales hoteliers centrally about RateTiger as a platform. Users of the channel management systems can easily join new online channels and increase as their market penetration. The most important sales channels can easily identify and control. For the Partner program features Caroline faries, senior business development manager, responsible.

The faries to eRevMax changed in November 2009 by Pegasus works with your team to further opportunities for an expansion of the business between hotels and travel agents. Ragnar Santana, VP of product development at eRevMax, stated: Hoteliers need direct access to current information and should be able to overlook all used channels and update. Just so you retain control of your sales strategy, and the travel agent can support at this point. More interfaces become better systems like RateTiger, opportunities for travel portals, business relations with the affiliated hotels to develop.”partner program helps us expand our hotel portfolio,” said Jo Hercberg, hotel connectivity Manager at the UK online travel agent alpharooms.com. We are thousands hotels that work with RateTiger systems more clearly perceived. The time pressure under which hoteliers are available, and the requirements of the market today to them, are aware. By we are a software solution partner that allows centralized management of online sales, we facilitate the management of their rates and availability our hotel partners. As a result, our customers benefit from better prices.”by eRevMax Inc. / Jasmine Keller