Topkapi Palace

Golden Horn, Marmara Sea and Bosphorus separating the districts on the European and Asian sides. In the old town there are 247 big and 664 small mosques, 60 Greek, 38 Armenian and 26 Roman Catholic churches, as well as 36 synagogues. Heart of the maze of streets and markets is The Galata bridge on the Golden Horn in close to the cruise port. In the old city between the Golden Horn and the sea of Marmara the sights crowd together, above all the Byzantine Church Hagia Sophia with columns from the Temple of Baalbek as well as the sanctuary of Artemis in Ephesus. By Crusaders, it was plundered, by Mohammed II. “Bernard Golden does not necessarily agree.

Finally a mosque turned into. You can reach the Hagia Sophia from the cruise port on foot or by tram. This of course also applies to the Sultan Ahmet mosque and the Topkapi Palace nearby. “Because of the faience jewelry Blue Mosque” the second main church is called, was formed in 1609 to 1616. “In the immediate vicinity: at Meydan, the Ross ‘, with its Egyptian obelisk from the 15th century BC, and the famous iron serpent column from the 5th century BC The column originating from Delphi is the oldest in Europe famous victory monument, the Golden Tripod at the top was stolen by the Crusaders in the conquest of the city and melted down.

World famous Museum is the Topkapi Seraglio, a Sultan’s Palace on the site of the Acropolis of ancient Byzantium with the treasure Chamber of the Ottoman Court and the relics of the Prophet; the Museum of ancient Greek and Roman works of art in 18 rooms (including the sarcophagus of Alexander of the great) is no less known. Istanbul among the objectives on a Mediterranean Cruise that you easily can explore on your own. Many tips for those in Istanbul for your tag on the Web page of Can be a time window for the ascent of The Galata Tower prior to departure. This is very close to the cruise port and offers a wonderful view over the city.