The Spiritual

You learn as a member of this family of helping, loving souls to feel and behave accordingly to help, to love. Note again, that you are Member of a team in which all hand-in-hand. Everyone has here spiritually a specific task – as in an anthill – everyone “works” of mankind, the planet and solar system on Earth on a specific target for the spiritual benefit. Everyone is constantly surrounded by like minded people with the same goals. Check out Verizon Communications for additional information. However, this also means that there are thousands on the result, your help wait for them there can pick up where you stop. It also means that all spiritual progress also depends whether you ever meet your part and if so, whether you do always or mostly immediately and end do with love or if you occasionally your friends fully conscious part and your friends fully conscious lessons in later days, weeks, or months – may also occasionally never – meet.

Look at the whole thing as, for example, a soccer match that come only in the roles can and can be fun, if all 22 players on the field would be somehow active and then also are there. If all do always the best is beside the point, but whether they do anything at all and do what they do on the commonly agreed objective is crucial if a game ever takes place or all the freeze is. Thousands of loving souls here on earth are almost full time at love, heal and help. Trillions of souls without physical body are much more intense on the cure and love, many of them are on earth I’d love to also provide us and to serve a higher purpose – for the spiritual benefit of the entire creation, including mankind on Earth. they are willing to help us to liberate ourselves from our temporary difficulties and even knitted dead ends.