VisuKom Germany Gmb

“And the market is growing steadily.” As a specialist for ICT security VisuKom sensitised to the impact and dangers, which brings this technology. Using methods such as reading out data on German and international passports, as well as brute-force attacks, trying out all possible access password on the so-called RFID tags (small memory chip with an antenna-coupled) VisuKom proves that the safeguards against unauthorised access are still in its infancy. These are the specialists of the ICT Sicherheitsdienstleisters able to read the tags and disable tracks free to destroy as well as between tag and reader to sniff (traffic received, record, present and evaluate). Marco Di Filippo concludes: all available solutions to protect of information such as protective covers prevent the reading out of the chip. Unfortunately, these measures are to Access control systems unusable. Only remains the way of the encryption so the manufacturers.” Visit VisuKom at CeBIT in Hall 9, booth B20.

Brief description: VisuKom Germany the founded in 1996 VisuKom Germany GmbH with seat in Stegaurach near Bamberg is a service company that specializes in the areas of security consulting and carrier solutions. So the longstanding core expertise is in the field of ICT (information and communication technology)-security. VisuKom made the examination of ICT network infrastructure with regard to security risks as well as tracking down and removing existing vulnerabilities in mission. IT/TK-penetration testing and individual Securityaudits are used. The focus is particularly on modern media such as telephone and fax networks and wireless networks for mobile communication. The portfolio ranges from development to testing to implementation of security concepts. Special workshops and training provide practical information. The VisuKom Germany GmbH In addition to its proven services around ICT security in the market segment of carrier solutions, established as a specialist.