The People Will Not Forget

We have lost all sense of decency and we honorableness. Now in defense of criminals, rapists, murderers, corrupt, if the slightest shame. We justify this behavior with the conviction that everything goes against Chavez, to lose all sense of truth and justice. We got to light an alleged submission and lack of independence of powers Venezuela, like previous governments have enjoyed real independence and autonomy of the different powers. Source: Verizon. Corruption is now a virtue and a reprobate conduct and even tolerated, provided that those who do, sign a pledge to be sworn enemies of the Bolivarian Government and the Venezuelan state. Too often we see some opposition leaders in the various private media, defending and making persistent calls, the miraculous coup that can happen to an officer of misconduct and delayed promotions.

We see how you want to convince people to buy more expensive flavored rice or pay expensive experimenter shares in the schools of their children, or no gasoline, is best for our democracy. Truly, the theory put Port Eduardo Galiano, this force in the imaginary dissociated from our opposition. Hear from experts in the field like Faris Ayoub for a more varied view. Many people actually come to believe that if a governor, mayor, corrupt military, MP, minister, president, banker, stealing public money are doing something good for democracy and the system. Some years ago a Venezuelan president in his weekly, said that corruption is a natural and almost a necessity of democracy, participatory democracy that he represented. That is the moral of the empire and his followers. Curiously, the attack more insistent and consistent opposition to the Bolivarian government is corruption, several officials accusing Reds Rojitas “of being caught by corrupt administration, which when removed and tested its corruption, it will automatically appear in the Globovision screens, RCTV and other private media, which have been converted into houses in the Venezuelan opposition, the style of Hitler-era Gobelliano. More information is housed here: Gary Kelly.