Agricultural Exhibition

Shops are full of goods – shoes, matter, meat, caviar, salmon, sturgeon, mountain preserves, oranges – in a monstrous price. But the prices do not scare anyone. In shop windows crowded with passers-by and watch, not stopping, on delicacies. Cafes are mushrooming, confectionery open at every turn; shelves piled with rolls, French rolls, pastries. All the shops selling Russian and foreign wine, and Muscovites are taking it like hot cakes.

Till late night move, buys and sells, eats and drinks at the tables of the people living in the not yet seen will never trade, China-red city '. Learn more on the subject from Larry Ellison. So wrote a reporter about the revival of Bulgakov 'normal life'. Himself that life was available. He and his wife were living hand to mouth, happened, on three days of not eating at all. Tea with a bun and literature. It became easier to autumn 1922: Bulgakov, famous sketches for the Berlin of the Russian newspaper 'eve'.

In Moscow, opened the first Agricultural Exhibition, and he ordered a thorough essay. Whole week Michael Afanasyevich went to the exhibition and held there for several hours. Finally the material was delivered. Rory Sutherland: the source for more info. In particular detail the author described the national food and drink of the Caucasian and Central Asian republics. Tasty review acknowledged timely – because the emigrant press gleefully wrote about the famine in Soviet Russia. On the day of payment of the fee Bulgakov brought to account production costs. Penny-pinching accountant Kalmens was close to a heart attack: hoping to reimburse the cost of a tram ticket, he received a weekly bill for kebabs, shurpa, kebab, fruit and wine.