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A key role with moving objects on a digital camera is the focus, because that's what it depends on the quality of the captured image. In fact, shooting a moving object, you must pre- know how to develop an action you may need, as they say, on the fly to produce the focus and framing. Of course, if you take, for example, horse race, here the special problems should arise, but if you need to capture a moving car at high speed, you may have only one attempt to make the frame. Today, for moving objects using two basic techniques – lubrication and wiring. Lubrication – is photographing the object, carried out during its movement within the frame.

That is, when you stand on the spot and drives a car pass you and you shoot it, it is the lubrication. In contrast, blur, wiring suggests that you follow the camera lens at the subject. Now let's look at how to track and shoot a moving object. Posting Before shooting a moving object, should be correctly positioned relative to its trajectory. Shooting a moving object with wiring, you should also take into account the focal length of the flash and digital camera. However, the main condition Photography is such a permanent retention of a moving object in the center of the frame. When everything is ready, a little, adjust its position so that the moving object is in front of your camera. At the same time the shutter button the camera will need to press a bit earlier, before a subject will be in front of you.

This is to ensure that the time to work your camera's automatic, as well as between touch of a button and start it takes some time. Remember also that you'll need to keep the camera lens of a moving object even after pressing the shutter button, the camera had to do picture. Lubrication To shoot a moving object with a blur, you must first select the proper position for shooting. Chosen position in the same way as for panning, ie, taking into account the focal length and power flash with your digital camera. Choosing a position to take, you should focus on the background and then put the lens on your subject. The trick when shooting with a lubrication time is photography. This means you have to decide in advance exactly, to what point you will need to press the shutter button a digital camera to your subject was in the frame. If you press the shutter a little earlier, or conversely, a little later, simply be a subject outside the frame. Therefore it is advisable to shoot with the wiring to use only digital cameras that have a continuous shooting mode. It is worth noting that the motion can be given and immovable object. For this purpose it is sufficient to remove stationary, then the resulting image a little treat, such as Adobe Photoshop. If you want to do high-quality images of moving objects, we recommend or buy an expensive digital camera with special presets, or to improve already existing at the expense of changing the lens or flash.