The Long

In March, also the average price target was 40,42 euro (though amazing, it is that the Intradayhoch was just 0.10 euro under this average price target in September with 40,32 euro!) on only 36,34 Euro and withdrawn at about 10% and all this seems hardly surprising. However, this looks slightly different to the analysts. The now 18 analysts issued a recommendation on SAP instead of 16 as in March. And – surprise, surprise! -the distribution is not much more pessimistic than in March, when there were still 10 purchase recommendations, 5 holding recommendations, as well as a recommendation with 16 purchase recommendations at six hold recommendations and any single sell recommendation. Not surprisingly, but then, the look is the average price target of analysts, what significantly decreased.

Were even more optimistic than the Sharewise are members, the professionals in March 2008 with an average price target of 42,69 EUR it now but with an average price target of only 33.03 euros – what March is equivalent to a reduction of more than 22.5% – significantly more pessimistic than the Sharewise members. An interpretation of these data is now not very easy, because the sentiment is actually something very positive, which in addition to the rather negative course fits. On the other hand however, the professional analysts are up-to-date, at least as far as the average price target, more pessimistic than the Sharewise members and in the past, the “wisdom of crowds” was significantly better than the “wisdom of the analysts”. Was particularly impressive here, as almost exactly to the average price target of Sharewise revealed members (40,42 euros) with the actual interim high of shares (40,32 euro), I find. SAP AG work area 5) Summary conclusion, I would like to take today, covers nearly the conclusion, which I share pulled even with the latest analysis of SAP in March, only at a slightly lower level. As I wrote at the time, that one should use courses under 32 euros to buy, so you should use now just a return type-setter in the area of 25 euro to 26 euros to the initial or replacement. The short-term price target is 30 euro up to 32 euros, and you should place the stop price at just under 23 euros. The long-term prospects of SAP shares are my opinion continues to be very good. Although think I, should the economy all over the world fairly quickly recover, that target price given in March 2008 in the amount of 50 euro for accessible, however, I want to be realistic and lower my price target on 1 1/2 years (18 months) from previously 50 euros to “only” 45. Nevertheless, whether it now will be 40 euro, 45 euro or still 50 euros with regard to the upcoming tax I SAP think stock remains one of the best long term investments from the DAX.