Innovations By ADVANSA On Performance Days

On performance days, the first European Roadshow for functional materials in the sportswear market, ADVANSA presented its latest innovations at the performance fabrics. ADVANSA Thermo cool includes a construction of a unique fiber blend, which interacts with the institution of the corresponding garment and bi functional performance features. Transport body moisture with its enlarged surface quickly by the skin away the multichannel fiber on the textile surface. The hollow fibres improve air circulation and monitor the evaporation process, in order to ensure maximum cooling. In cold weather, or after a physical activity they have heat-insulating properties, so that they protect a uncontrolled cooling of the carrier (post exercise chill effect).

These two inherently conflicting features ensure that the carrier used within a temperature range moves, which is regarded by him as pleasant, no matter Whatever your situation, a whole range of different temperatures or activity levels across. ADVANSA Thermo cool is also available in a version of the ECO. Developed by means of a new, intelligent technology meets ADVANSA Thermo cool ECO two current trends in the market of multimedia functionality and environmental awareness. ADVANSA Thermo cool uses instead of petrochemical derivatives a polymer of renewable raw materials, including corn. ADVANSA is one step closer to building a renewable economy replacing traditional petrochemical by renewable resources and an ecological production process. BIOPHYL are products that deploys ADVANSA fibres and yarns, from PTT, produced a special polyester-like polymer. The petroleum-based glycol was replaced by the Bio-PDO in the case of BIOPHYL.

This is extracted from maize sucrose. This resource is renewable and reduces the dependency on oil, commonly used for the production of polyester will. Also, use contributes the yarns made from this polymer to the energy saving and reduction of the greenhouse effect. Compared with fossil fuels-based nylon, this polymer production up to 30-40% consumes less energy and 50 60% fewer greenhouse gases released. BIOPHYL fabrics offer consumers additional benefits: are easy to maintain and have a strikingly pleasant feel and an extraordinary strain and recreational assets. These benefits for the end consumer are made possible by the unique semi crystalline molecular structure, which has a bend. This leads to positive use properties that are superior to those of polyester and nylon. Questioned his judgment in regard to the performance days Gerard Illeras, ADVANSA sportswear Manager commented: we are extremely pleased with our participation in this platform for new materials and innovations in the textile sector. That was exactly the right place for intensive and fruitful conversations with customers. Our visitor who came mainly from the fields of sportswear, workwear and apparel, showed great interest in our products. We are of course happy with so much positive reactions to our products of ADVANSA Thermo cool, ADVANSA Thermo cool ECO and BIOPHYL. BIOPHYL is a trademark of ADVANSA DuPont and Sorona are trademarks or registered trademarks of E. I. DuPont de Nemours and company, Inc. ADVANSA Thermo cool is a trademark of ADVANSA.