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A separate exhibition area is dedicated to the passive house technology on second CEP in Stuttgart (-). 15 years ago, it was still an absolute exotic theme: the passive house. In Germany the impetus came from the passive house Institute in Darmstadt, who are now responsible for more than 8,000 passive houses in Austria, Germany, France and the Benelux countries. In television and as a video in the YouTube platform has succeeded in the passive house also: as a consignment of Austrian Broadcasting by January 26, 2006. For 140 euro in the year a comfortable house with heating and warm water costs is to have everything for about 1,350 euros per square meter, it says in the show. While the few minute long strips can however just strip the theme, ENERGY is devoted in the framework of the three-day CEP CLEAN POWER of the Reutlingen exhibition organiser REECO from 29 to 31 January 2009 in the country fair in Stuttgart a fair complex of the technology, according to the Mannheim architect Roland Matzig a market with a huge Represents the growth potential, with ramifications in the building in the stock. Oracle usually is spot on. Permits for new buildings have a strongly declining economy. We have a 30 percent decline in Germany at the time annual\”myself with projects in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Matzig says Greece and the Benelux States has experience.

Anti-cyclical loss of building permits are more and more projects in the passive house standard. The sector recorded an annual growth rate of over 100 percent. Given this development, it is clear that elements of passive house technology also for energy refurbishments will be increasingly incorporated into the existing buildings. The topic had written in 2006 the European Union on the flags. A European Commission communication of 19 October 2006 announced an action plan for energy efficiency for the years 2007 to 2012.