The Eye In Focus

In ophthalmology, the use piezobasierter tilting mirror systems and Ultraschallantrie-be PI laser beam control ensures the necessary precision in the refractive correction of Visual acuity. The drives are used for the control and fo kussierung of the laser beam. Removal of corneal tissue using laser beams, the corneal curvature in the complete is modeled so that the resulting refractive power of the cornea fits again to the length of the eyeball. Piezogetriebene tilting mirror systems provide not only the necessary accuracy, but also high acceleration and a wide dynamic range to the control of the laser beam. They are compact and can be integrated into higher-level systems even in small spaces. Enable an optical deflection range, up to 120 mrad, extremely fast response (10 ms and 1 ms with mirrors) as well as resolutions up in the Nano-Radianbereich. One-, two – or three-axis systems actuators are driving this. Tilting mirror systems with multiple axes of motion are the piezoelectric in parallel kinematic positioning systems used.

There is only a moving platform with common pivot compared to serial systems. Integrated high-resolution position sensors ensure linearity values by better than 0.25% on the full range and repeatability of 5 rad. Ceramic PILine ultrasonic Motors allow high speeds and acceleration at the same time very compact dimensions. The patented actuator principle makes it irreversible in the idle state. The precision micro linear table M-663 achieved speeds of up to 400 mm/s and travel up to 19 mm at resolutions up to 0.1 m. PI also Treiberelektroniken and controllers, which are matched to the positioning systems and simplify integration into customer systems.