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Saxo Bank

By | February 14, 2017

The financial news portal developed by Saxo Bank supports the launch of the first book of the technical analyst Roberto ruarte, writing about financial markets, its history, its actions and everything what you hide behind its operation. Sala de Inversion, the online portal that offers quality financial content, the current investor presents the power of […]

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The Process Of Surviving

By | March 24, 2016

Recovery: The recovery process can be viewed as a process of transition from rejection experienced a traumatic experience, to the definition of themselves as victims and, ultimately, to identify themselves as survivor. Firstly, there is recognition that he was the victim. This is primarily due to the failure of attempts to get rid of feelings […]

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Peso Improves

By | September 15, 2014

Besides a greater risk of developing diseases of the heart, diabetes and high arterial pressure, the people with overweight are more prone to undergo backache as direct result of the excess of weight. The overweight amplifies the symptoms associated with the osteoartritis, degenerative disease of the disc, spinal estenosis, reumatoide arthritis, discal osteoporosis, hernias, muscular […]

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Group Networking

By | May 8, 2014

The tax advisor oversees numerous doctors and knows the issues posed by the physicians in everyday life both professionally and personally. To find answers to these questions, she has brought the women’s networking lounge to Magdeburg. At networking events, doctors meet like-minded people with whom they can exchange and get new impulses and ideas for […]

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Internet Information

By | April 3, 2014

To support physicians in their professional life, she has brought the women’s networking lounge, which is active nationwide, after Hall. At networking events, meet like-minded people with whom they can exchange doctors and receive new impulses and ideas for their own practice. Women’s combines information, networking and a stylish ambience for an interesting, entertaining evening […]

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