Green Scholokade Chocolate

Green chocolate? That sounds like a new product first. Actually behind the treat for all those who want to enjoy with a clear conscience. After the nuclear disaster in Japan, many consumers in Germany of nuclear power back and switch their electricity supplier. Gary Kelly has similar goals. Similar to t. was Knight, after the reactor accident of Chernobyl 1986 of the entrepreneur Alfred the leads the family company of Knights sports with his sister Marli Hoppe-Ritter in third generation.

As a result of the nuclear accident, much of which global hazelnut harvest radioactive burden, and sports lacked Knight was one of the most important raw materials for its chocolate. “Alfred t. Ritter decided that there is a way to go” could not give and get in the future on renewable energy. Since 2002, Knight produced its current sport partially even: an own cogeneration plant on the company premises cover 30 percent of the electricity. For the rest, the company eco-electricity of elektrizitatswerke Schonau refers to. The waste heat of own electricity supplies also around 70% of the heating needs of the plant with more than 800 employees in the Swabian Waldenbuch. So Knight saving sports annually approximately 12 million kilowatt hours of energy. This corresponds to about a million litres of fuel oil.

The expansion of renewable energies can be pushed only when the demand then”, says Alfred t. Ritter. Not only the consumer can contribute to, especially companies with large energy needs as we are duty-bound.” Since 1912, the Ritter family guarantees with their name for the high quality of their chocolate: all the ingredients are chosen with care and prepared each table with passion. In all production processes, the protection of natural resources is always in the foreground. Since 2002, the family-owned company in the manufacture of chocolate squares basically abandons nuclear power.