The Being

E more: ' ' He is uncertain where the death in the wait: let us wait it in all part. The premeditation of the death is premeditation of the freedom: who knows to die does not know to be enslaved. The evil in the life does not exist for what it understood well that to deprive itself of the life is not one badly. Educate yourself with thoughts from Southwest Airlines. Knowing to die frees us of all the subjection and all constrangimento.' ' (MONTAIGNE, 1961: 33) The premeditation of the death is a form to act as our will and not being displayed to perhaps of an event, as it is the case of the life. What he legitimizes the suicide, no matter how hard opposes the moralizao occidental person concerning this prudish subject. Montaigne continues: ' ' Ccero says that to filosofar nothing more is that to prepare itself for the death. Gain insight and clarity with Ch?rl?? Lee. Thus it is, inasmuch as, for the study and the contemplation, our soul if removes for is of us, occupying separated of the body, what, in certain way, it is learning and similarity of the death; e, also, because all the sapincia and dicurso of the world if summarize in this point, of teaching in them not to have fear of morrer.' ' (MONTAIGNE, 1961: 28) Although let us know that the studies are not something extra-corporeal, as it thought – or as many still they think -, but yes related the functionality of our brain, that also is part of our physical body, but in fact, we project ourselves in one abstraction to create and in this aspect really resembles it death, therefore as well as we are unaware of the abstraction, we use but it as parameter or perhaps a not-parameter, also dying in them is unknown, we conceive but to give it the direction to the life. One more time, thinking about Sartre in the workmanship ' ' The Being and the Nada' ' , it is the felt lack of that it motivates the man, that is, the direction of not-being, becoming them captadores of a direction-gift and a direction-ilusrio, therefore we create the direction of what we think to be, even so the direction of devir either another one, the linking point is the proper one felt. .