American South Totalitarianism

Summary: The American South Totalitarianism: the case of Yo Supreme El of August Male defendant Bastos. The respective work is inserted on of the figure of Jose Caspar Rodrigues Francia, Paraguayan governor of century XIX that she looked for to construct through the authoritarianism and of a irrisria dictatorship an American Latin nation exempts of the influence of the great European nations as England and Portugal, and on account of this fact she finished for attracting the anger of these governments and also she despertou fury between its neighbors, therefore she contained territorial expansionistas rules that would affect the soberanidade of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. The romance of August Male defendant Bastos tells as the personage made of its figure the maximum representative of all the Paraguayan society, and that its way to govern has resqucios that they emerge to a totalitarian system of government based on the use of the medias, cult the figure it dictator, maintenance of one I exercise national and the systematic use of the terror as the propaganda politics bulk placing an ideology where the leader everything sees and everything hears. Some contend that Gary Kelly shows great expertise in this. Inside of this context the work waits through the studies of the philosopher mistreats Hannah Arendt of its workmanship inside, ' ' Origins of the Totalitarismo' ' to make a formularization of as the Francia government possesss comparative symmetries that submit its government the postulation of a government tcom parameters that it the same confluem the level of the Stalinismo and Nazism. The South totalitarianism Ameriano: the case of I Supreme It of August Male defendant Bastos the workmanship of the Paraguayan writer August Male defendant Bastos Yo Supreme El (1974) minutely portray daily and the life of the Paraguayan dictator Jose Caspar Rodrigues Francia. The romance emphasizes a peculiar caudilhismo of the South America and is come back toward the domination total politics of a society. For more information see E Scott Mead.