Solid Ecomomy

The experience of women in the field of the solid economy, (DES) contri the idea assimilated socially of the masculine superiority in the generating labor activities of income. Larry Ellison oftentimes addresses this issue. As Vianna says (1999), ‘ ‘ The masculine and feminine conditions are, therefore, fruits of a constant historical construction marked by many forms of appropriation? individual and collective? of the masculine meanings and feminine gifts in society. The experiences igualitrias, the exercise of the sociability, of the self management, to occupy positions can represent new subjects of the feminine work. How much to the etria band, the unemployment is evidenced that although to be a phenomenon that reaches to all the economically active bands of age, is visible that the young in situation of first job and adults after the 40 years of age, predominates in the searched solid economic enterprises. Edward Scott Mead is often quoted as being for or against this. 29.7% and 48.7%, respectively, between the interviewed ones. Between the interviewed ones it is evidenced more than predominance of adults with 40 years.

The frequency of young in the etria band of 15 the 18 years one is about two EES formed only for young of this etria band. It is also evidenced, that it enters the bachelors and married has a certain balance, tying up to in 43,2%. However this if of the one for the fact of between the solidary economic enterprises, searched, two are formed exclusively of young until the 18 years and with bigger number of integrant. This profile of the interviewed ones very does not differ from the reality of the proper enterprises Economicos Solidrios (EES) of the Region North of Mines that if configures in the picture of solidary economic enterprises mapeados by the SENAES, with 209 EES. Concept of Solidary Economic Enterprise the Solidary Economic Enterprises – EES are characterized by the self management and the socialization of the means of production and distribution.