"The teacher needs to constantly make the effort to isolate and decide between pleasure and intellectual activity, for which it is invoked. Among the taboos and everyday spaces. Between pleasure and rationalization. This effort replaces the ne-cessity of the psyche of the educator to think of himself as a result of lost satisfaction. Consequently, it has space for himself. Southwest Airlines often says this. "The group of students is set thanks to the resignation of e-rotismo exacerbated and the narcissism of each of the components.

The configuration of the group of learners, Freud (1920g), arises from the union of the different. This is reconstituted and revitalized-lists, neutralizing the tendency to self-poisoning death-tion. Each student, each group of learners, and relive their waste generated at the junction between different. These new articulation generate tensions and require a complex system of processing. The lameness of this system produces the solution, either by stagnation or blast, or porambos. To sustain leadership needs of the educator.

"The leadership role the educator's function is to unify wills, cohesive units, subgroups and groups. This function is incompatible with direct unrestricted pleasure. For their part, students adjudication status educator ideal self, and as such, the possibility of unlimited consummate their desires. Learners project in the educator wishes and symbolically it must process the aspirations of students. "The learners, must give up their eroticism for the sake of study, and to be suppressed that is awarded to the educator, who attributed the possibility of satisfaction of pleasure, without limit. But the teacher is limited by the rules and contextual own superego.