Linux Option

format the entire hard drive. Choose this if you want to erase everything and install clean Ubuntu. * Free contiguous B. Espacio. Ubuntu used a piece of space free on your hard disk to be installed, this is the recommended option if you want to keep your old operating system or your data. In my case it doesn’t appear because I didn’t have enough space on any partition. * C. Particionamiento manual.

If you feel brave, you can do one or several partitions for ubuntu by hand. Keep in mind that the partition must have at least 2 GB, and must enable a partition for memory Exchange (?)Swap?). This option is not recommended if you have never done a partition or you have never used Linux before. But as I’m going to explain how to do it there is that fear. Option A the We discard. Choose option B can and give it to next and finish installing Ubuntu without problems.

But if they decide to use the C option you’ll help them. 6. Once the C option chosen them appear a quite similar to Partition Magic partition editor. As you already particionaron from windows simply press Next without touching anything more. 7 Good now if this slightly more complicated. On this screen you should choose partition to be used for that thing. Before a small explanation: we have a hard disk, pc called hd0 once partitioning creates hda1 which is the primary partition and hda2 is extended, and within hda2 are partitions that hizimos: hda3 and hda4. This would be so by default if I’m not mistaken. If so them touched ah should choose for which corresponds to each one, if you don’t know which is which could look at sizes. For example: for the directory root that is specified with a slash (/) must choose the EXT3 partition, which is the partition larger than 2 GB that created to install Ubuntu. For the swap partition?Swap? They must choose the partition that has twice the size your memory RAM, and the other partition is windows, which should have the path /media/hda1 must be selected options of format to EXT3 and SWAP partitions. CARE! do not choose to format the windows partition because the lose. And next again. 8. Now be shown a screen with the info that you selected previously, if it is correct pulta install. It is almost 9 already! The installer will show your progress while the system is being installed 10. Now this! If all has gone well, vera the following screen: to restart to start the Grub bootloader, which listing their operating systems in a list. Choose the first option of Linux and you can begin to enjoy it. If you had a problem during installation you can visit the forums of Ubuntu-es. Be sure to do a search in Google, surely find the solution to their problems in the first result.