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Innovative materials ensure movement Kinesiology taping works – just how and why? The daily experience of thousands of physical therapists and their patients clearly prove the effect of kinesiological taping. There is however no scientific studies on the mode of action of kinesiological taping. Not that there would be no exciting research topic; but such studies still large, researchers, drug companies can afford. At this point you can try so only in theory to describe a possible action of kinesiological taping: In the human body, there are several different mechanisms, with which he can respond to environmental stimuli. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Ripple. When a new contact as the applied tape irritates the skin, this charm with high speed passes through nerve fibers to the brain.

The brain coordinates then the possible reactions to this stimulus. For even more analysis, hear from Larry Ellison. A sustained long painful muscle stimulation is redirected much more slowly. Pipelined fast and slowly (pain) stimuli may overlap in the brain and lift is this entirely or partially on. Although the mechanism of action of kinesiological taping so that only theoretically the importance for the muscle pain sufferers can be described is resounding: certain movements can be again more effectively, because the so-called Skane attitude has become obsolete. Through the taping, you will reach a rapid pain relief with immediate improvement of mobility and undisturbed circulation.

Nothing in the way stands an optimal healing. Another positive side effect is the increase of the skin due to the Kinesiology tape. The further opening up of the vessels resulting supports the lymphatic circulation to a not inconsiderable extent. If you are still doubting the effectiveness of kinesiological taping, keep it as the medical professionals that are always in agreement on one point: who heals is right! Christian Schulze / health & tape GbR image: Hanssen – Salinas (beach volleyball, German Champion with Kinesio tape) health & tape GbR the health & tape GbR is a team of Specialists, which gained since many years experiences in using Kinesio tape. These valuable and acquired especially in the international environment skills were affiliated consistently and successfully in tough competitive sport, but also in the general practice of the patients applied and further developed. Particularly in the area of competitive sports were optimal ways to test the new Kinesio available now in Germany tape (HealthTape) under extreme conditions. By the valid and reproducible findings, we were able to improve almost all necessary for the users quality characteristics of kinesiological tapes.