Support Services

5 reasons why you should have ordered the site and 5 reasons why you should not do that. Why should I: 1. Cheapest price $ 22 for online business card. (Provided that the site does not exceed 10 pages) 2. We support site for the price of hosting. 3. We supports site optimization. 4.

We do not charge money for optimization, if your site serves as an advertising platform. 5. You can contact us in any reasonable manner. Why not: 1. We do not enter contract work on the principle that made the patch, do not like about a hundred times will not alter. 2. All material including images, logo, product information you provide for yourself.

3. You can make payment for services only through WM or cash. 4. We make static sites, dynamic, not fully. 5. We do not have your own hosting, use the services of strontium organizations.