David Sanchez

And also around the world, because where I was going, David reaffirmed before his Colombian condition, his condition of man Caribbean. What hardly anyone remembers is that in times in which David Sanchez began to open path to reaffirmation of our idiosyncrasy, be costeno was cause for mockery and shame; We attempted to such partners will not give account of which were coastal and why who intended to pose of civilized learned to talk COP. Today we do not determine the magnitude of the audacity to David Sanchez Juliao when in those then broke into the intellectual world of the country with his written and recorded stories that showed with pride that being coastal was valuable to society and culture. More painful for me for intellectuals and people associated with the culture that think like this boy, is that you it’s a person who has been infinitely more than what they and I are for our region, the country and humanity. How much would I have done a small percentage of your contribution! Or even you have written one of its most overlooked works but that it demonstrates not only the undeniable talent of David, but their absolute coherence in their concern for what we are. I speak of the sinuano Indian song. The Caribbean that does not recognize the work of David Sanchez Juliao as literary weight, anyway in the duty to scrutinize as the great sociological purposeful essay about our culture that is. Original author and source of the article..