Industrial Revolution

Tourism, as it is known, are the activities that people do when they travel and reside temporarily in places other than their usual environment. This practice was born as such in the 19th century, as a result of the Industrial Revolution. At that time, travel was displacement motivated by rest, business, family relationships, health and the curiosity of new cultures. However, tourism in fact originated in ancient times. Phases of tourism during the ancient era tourism was already practiced. For example, in the Greek era, each time that the Olympic Games in the city of Olympia, were thousands of people flocked from everywhere to see competitions. Also during the Roman Empire, there were many people who were traveling to the city of Rome, to enjoy the hot springs of Caracalla or see the great shows that were at the coliseums. Then in the middle ages, appear religious pilgrimages.

One case in particular, were the thousands of Islamic devotees who were long travel to get to Mecca, a Holy City of islam, where performed their rites. Well, as had major characters who were always accompanied with his comparsa, while most numerous was the most difficult escort it was host to everyone in the Palace. So to this end, created the first accommodations with hotel name, a French term which catalogued the urban palaces. Subsequently, in the modern age, had the habit of sending aristocratic English youngsters to make the Grand Tour, which consisted of a journey through the different European countries to complement their training and acquire experiences when touching them take command of the country. Finally in late 19th century and early 20th century, with the great scientific, and economic expansion, product of the industrial revolution, are born new means of transport that facilitate the displacement of countless individuals, to carry out activities of relaxation and entertainment in new places. Today, in full century XXI, tourism continues to evolve to the beat of modern trends and new technologies. Why thousands of travelers take advantage of rental apartments in barcelona to stay and enjoy the attractions that the city offers. While others opt for staying in madrid apartment and spend their holidays in the madrilenian city.