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Unpredictable Colombian viewers turned his back to the miniseries the charming and to the contemporary musical cutting pink soap opera Yo no te pido la luna, for tipping self-absorbed about love sincere, the production of Canal RCN, which chronicles the life of the singer and actress Marbelle, placing it as the telenovela number one triple fringe A. Nobody gave a weight for the success of love sincere, well, at least those who have always been staunch detractors of this figure of the Creole farandula, who disparagingly called in internet forums gordel, officially known as the Queen of the tecnocarrilera. But as in question hearing nothing is written and tastes of viewers are becoming increasingly unpredictable, cake turned and now those who rejoice with the surprising upturn in audience are precisely the Canal RCN policies, her popular Diva has inflated them the rating to all other the coveted triple stripe to productions, giving, soup and dry, to its Canal Caracol contender. In his despair by the apaleo in rating, the directives of Canal Caracol laid hands of production of Telemundo Bella calamities, hopeful that this remake of an old success of RTI production television in 1987, starring Danna Garcia succeeded in seducing now elusive viewers, but much to his regret, the rating since its premiere has been a true calamityonly 7.0 marking points, placing it in the tenth and ninth place, as clear an indication of great positioning that still has the populachera sincere love. One of the latest and emerging alternatives for trying to save I do not ask the Moon, it was a promo-made story by journalist Julio Sanchez Cristo in its programme of news of La W singer Anasol, who despite all, feels happy to have had this experience as an actress, as well as venture into the interpretation of the so-called eighties romantic music or iron.