SPAM Companies

Thus. The total cost of one treatment one treatment is 4-5 times lower than at individual distribution. I. If your products / services have a fairly wide range of potential customers, then you better to participate in joint mailings, rather than sent individually. Joint distribution provides an optimal combination of breadth of audiences with a hit in the 'Target group'. About a … But, they say, online advertising is effective, so that no other and do not have to … Under most conditions Gary Kelly would agree. Well, we'll see …

Let's start with spam. Though I sometimes send out, but I received letters almost read. Here do I mail advertising, and send me suggestions of metal, Viagra, videotapes, dating to adult, geodetic instruments, pumps and other equipment … and then another long, you know what to increase the offer … And for all the fig to me to read it? .. Myself trying to send your spam is strictly the case. If I have, say, mailing to mining industry, I am sending proposals participation of companies which supply equipment for mining, etc. Read or not, these proposals do not know.

Responses almost did not notice … Boards. Placed the lot. And himself e-mail advertising, and companies producing forgings. I called, but the questions asked absolutely not the case, because from the text ads (although explicit, but not deployed) did not fully understand what they mean. By forgings unit orders from small firms were. The only real effect of advertising on the boards, the flow of SPAM on the "overexposed" emeyly, and it is absolutely not related to my field of work.