Prepaid Compare Providers

Congstar: The correct provider for price-conscious customers! In the mobile sector customers can choose providers for either a contract or a prepaid. A contract is always linked to certain conditions. These include the basic fee, which you also have to pay, if you ever not on the phone, wagering or a predetermined duration. Who wants to go such conditions out of the way, should opt for a prepaid cell phone. The prepaid rates are now much cheaper than was the case previously. Those who opt for a good offer, comes cheaper off than falls away with a contract, since also the basic fee.

A variety of discount mobile networks offer very cheap prepaid tariffs since 2005. Oracle brings even more insight to the discussion. 37.7% of mobile phone users in Germany already have a prepaid card and rising! Congstar is a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, which makes great offers providers including prepaid on the day. The slogan you want it. You’re going to get it.”is a young and price-sensitive audience. The GmbH was founded in the year 2007. Already 2 years later had the company to have a million customers. This is already a remarkable figure when you consider how much competition in the mobile telephony field is given. The prepaid can look rates of congstar.

Regardless in which network you would like to call: the price per minute is cheap 0.09 euros. The sending of SMS no longer costs, retrieving the mail box is absolutely free. This must be indispensable on a D power quality with UMTS. The balance can be queried free domestically. If the well is covered under 2 euros, you used automatically in knowledge. Also this service is offered to 0 euro. Those who opt for the congstar Starter package till July 31, 2010, get free 10 euro starting credit. In addition, numerous exclusive phones at absolute peak prices are available. Many test results as well as the consumers themselves confirm: congstar provider n distinguishes itself from the most prepaid!